Physical Specimen Expansion

Enabling 3-D Large Volume, Nanoscale Imaging

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Welcome to the website for expansion microscopy protocols.

Here you can find relevant papers, protocols, materials lists, and advice on expansion microscopy (ExM), a new technology for imaging biological specimens with fine detail by physically making them bigger through a chemical process that preserves nanoscale isotropy. It enables super-resolution imaging on a conventional light microscope.

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Chen, F.*, Tillberg, P.W.*, Boyden, E.S. (2015) Expansion Microscopy, Science 347(6221):543-548. (*, equal contribution) [Publisher link] [PDF]


Talk at TED.com, "A new way to study the brain's invisible secrets," filmed June 2016. [Link]

Commercial Partners

Expansion Technologies, Inc. is producing kits and providing services for expansion microscopy. Note: if you are using kits from Expansion Technologies, please follow the protocols provided by the company. Financial disclosure: E.S.B. is a co-founder of Expansion Technologies, Inc.; many of the authors of the papers above are co-inventors on one or more patents related to expansion microscopy.